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Lived In Extensions


What are Lived In Extensions?

Celebrity Hair Colorist and Stylist Johnny Ramirez and Anh Co Tran created state-of-the-art tape-in hair extensions that would be the  perfect addition for your work and lifestyle.  

What makes them unique?

Designed to be completely seamless, the hair appears to grow from the roots and naturally camouflages.  The matte tape-in tabs are comfortable and secure.  Colors can be tailored to match your hair.  Balayage, ombre, and solid options are available to give you the effortless blend you desire.   


2 -5 bags (volume) $550-1150

* non refundable deposit required when booking

5-8 bags (length) $1150-1750

* non refundable deposit required when booking




*Maintenance is $10 / section. This is something that varies quite a bit depending on the amount of hair, but can be priced out for you during the consult.

*Maintenance is required every 6 weeks. If you go past 8 weeks there will be an additional $100 fee to your maintenance.  Ignoring maintenance will cause the hair to fall out &/or damage your hair.

*During maintenance we remove the extensions, apply new tape backing, and reapply closer to the scalp.  This process is quicker then micro beaded extensions.