Lost Artisan Hair Co.



Will the extensions hurt?

Installation is painless!  After instillation your head will be tender. The extensions aren't heavy due to even distribution of weight.


How long should my natural hair be?

Your hair should be at least shoulder length or longer for the most natural blend.  The shorter the hair the more bags/strands will need to be installed.  If your hair is to short we may suggest waiting and allowing a little more growth.


Can I still color my hair?

Yes! Bleaching and coloring will not effect the beads. The beads do not need to be removed in order to color your hair. Most of the time we will just color the top section of your hair because the beads will create a fresh color effect on the under part of your hair.  We can also create a natural ombre by applying extensions. Your extensions can by dyed darker but not lighter.


How do I maintain my hair at home?

Washing with shampoo and conditioner 1-2 times per week.  ( Ex. wash on Monday so its fresh for the week and Thursday so its clean for the weekend). Use dry shampoo in between to keep it clean longer. You can also wash the top section of your real hair and dry so your hair looks fresh but your not            washing the extensions frequently.   Always follow with a leave in conditioner to keep your hair soft and air dry.  If blowdrying, let hair air dry 80% first and then use a wet brush to finish drying.  Always use a heat protector.  


How should my hair be when I come in for my extensions?

Clean dry straight hair please!


I have curly hair can I still get extensions?

Definitely. The extensions dry with a soft natural wave.  You can style your hair in with the extensions for a seamless blend.


What products should I use on my extensions?

We highly recommend the Davines Oi Shampoo and Conditioner during your regular washes. Every other wash use Davines Nourishing Mask.  After the shower follow with Oi All In One Milk and Oi Oil to damp towel dried hair.  Before using heat tools use Davines Invisible No Gas Spray to protect your hair and use as a styling aid.  

Can I swim with my extensions?

We strongly suggest not submerging your hair when swimming.  Apply a thick layer of Davines Oi Oil and braid hair back when your exposed to the sun and around water.  If for some reason your hair gets wet, rinse in cold clean water and apply Davines Nourishing Mask.